Topaz Workbench

Topaz Workbench



Modern Eclipse-based IDE for Mainframe Development, Testing and Maintenance

Topaz Workbench, Compuware’s Eclipse-based IDE, provides an intuitive interface that enables developers of all experience levels to initiate Compuware’s industry-leading developer tools, Abend-AID, File-AID, Hiperstation, Xpediter and Strobe, as well as non-Compuware products and distributed solutions.

Through Topaz Workbench, mainframe teams can:

  • Access Compuware development tools providing the ability to visualize complex application logic and data relationships, make changes to code, test and debug, and performance tune.
  • Leverage existing Eclipse frameworks and integrations with popular distributed platform tools
  • Manage source and promote artifacts through the development lifecycle via integration with ISPW
  • Leverage a multi-language, multi-platform source code editor
  • Use JES functions like job submission, review, print and purge
  • Use Host Explorer for z/OS navigation, including dataset management (i.e., allocation, compression, deletion)
  • Copy files from one LPAR to another with a simple drag and drop or right click; data is compressed and the processing is zIIP enabled for optimal performance
  • Leverage integrations with other industry-leading tools

The Value of Topaz Workbench

  • Available at no additional cost to maintenance-paying ISPW, Abend-AID, File-AID, Hiperstation, Xpediter and Strobe customers
  • Makes the mainframe very intuitive for next-gen developers new to the z/OS platform
  • Resembles distributed environment interfaces, making mainframe development different only in syntax
  • Helps organizations address the mainframe skills shortage due to a retiring workforce
  • Central administrative capabilities make it easy for an organization to roll out and maintain

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Key Features of Topaz Workbench

Common Application Development Framework
Topaz Workbench lets mainframe tools exist beside non-mainframe, non-Compuware or distributed tools in the same environment.
Powered by Compuware Tools
Compuware Abend-AID, File-AID, Strobe, Hiperstation and Xpediter create the foundation for Topaz Workbench’s mainframe application development, testing and maintenance capabilities.

Abend-AID: Fault Identification, Analysis and Diagnosis

Topaz Workbench provides full Abend-AID functionality through the IDE with access to historical and trending reports.

File-AID: Browse, Edit and Compare Data

File-AID through Topaz Workbench allows you to manipulate Sequential, DB2, VSAM, IMS, compressed and z/OS UNIX data; allows you to create and update File-AID XREF; and provides support for File-AID Compare.

Strobe: Tune Mainframe Application Performance

Topaz Workbench provides full-function iStrobe access. Users can retrieve trend and summary reports from multiple measurements using the Host Explorer integration to initiate Strobe measurements from the JES Explorer.

Xpediter: Interactive Analysis and Debugging

Xpediter through Topaz Workbench provides interactive debugging for mainframe-hosted COBOL, PL/l, C and HLASM. The integration with Atlassian JIRA lets DevOps teams plan, perform, manage and report on Agile software project activities; capture faults and performance problems found via Abend-AID and Strobe; and automatically create an Xpediter debug configuration for developers to use when resolving an issue.

Multi-language, Multi-platform Source Code Editor

Language-specific aids are available for mainframe COBOL, PL/l, HLASM and C. The Topaz Workbench editor emulates several industry-standard editors and provides advanced data and source search.

Integrations with SonarSource Tools and Jenkins

The SonarSource SonarLint COBOL plugin gives immediate feedback on code quality and adherence to standards while editing source code in Topaz Workbench. Jenkins for Continuous Integration lets organizations publish COBOL code metrics into SonarSource SonarQube to track quality metrics and technical debt.

Integration with Compuware ISPW

Topaz Workbench’s integration with ISPW, Compuware’s source code management tool, provides access to Compuware’s mainframe application development tools to visualize complex application logic, make changes to code, and test and debug.

Leverage Legacy Source Code Management

Teams without ISPW can use Topaz Connect to access CA Endevor via Topaz Workbench to execute legacy source code management capabilities in Eclipse.