Source Support Best Practices for Enabling Effortless Debugging in Topaz

In the second installment of our monthly Compuware “Did You Know?” webcast series, Compuware Field Technical Solutions Consultant Ed Gannaway and Western Region Account Consultant Scott Smith discuss the evolution of Compuware’s Source Support. They begin with the original classic DDIO manner of providing Source Support in Compuware solutions, migrating through the next phase, which is to leverage Source Shared Directories, up to the most recent,  Embedded Source Support. Transparent and easy to implement, Embedded Source Support:

  • Removes the burden for the end user
  • Eliminates the error-prone requirement of having to know DDIO names/locations
  • Minimizes set up
  • All but virtually eliminates the need for the SysProg to have to manage DDIO files, or SSD directories and databases

Embedded Source Support also gives the user immediate access to source support for Abend-AID, Strobe and Xpediter both in the TSO/3270 interface as well as within Compuware Topaz Workbench. Watch this short webcast to see how easy it is to enable effortless Source Support!

Can’t see the YouTube video? No worries.