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Two Must-Attend Mainframe Sessions at IBM Systems Technical University – London

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Large organizations have been good about ensuring their distributed teams can react swiftly to the ever-changing requirements of the digital economy—after all, a good web and mobile experience is crucial to winning and retaining customers, and the bar for excellent UX is always being raised.

The impact of those initiatives on mainframe application development pipelines has largely been ignored, despite mainframe systems being critical to supporting customer-facing innovations. Fortunately, after attempting to abandon the mainframe or work around it, many organizations are quickly coming to terms with the reality that they need their mainframes.

By 2019, 64 percent (an increase from 57 percent) of mainframe-equipped organizations will be running more than half their mission-critical applications on the platform. However, there are still major challenges in the way of accelerating mainframe application development and delivery that must be addressed.

Exploring Challenges and Solutions at IBM Systems Technical University

We’ll explore how you can solve your biggest challenges with accelerating mainframe application development and delivery during two insightful sessions at IBM Systems Technical University in London, May 14-18.

This is an event with over 300 sessions dedicated to IBM Z and IBM Storage on Z, so if you’re a mainframe professional in the region, it’s definitely worth attending. We’ll be there ready to meet you at Compuware’s booth in the exhibition area.

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Compuware Session One

Integrating Mainframe Development into Existing DevOps Toolchains

During this session, Compuware EMEA Technical Specialist Ralph Nuesse will help you understand how you can help your mainframe teams align with the DevOps practices of their distributed colleagues. You may have already adopted a mainframe IDE, but what else should you do to achieve results today? We’ll peek over the fence into the realm of leading distributed DevOps tools to help you see the possibilities.

Mainframe DevOps Toolchain

But it’s not just the quality, velocity and efficiency of COBOL programming organizations should worry about—there’s a dearth of IMS skills that could potentially have an even greater impact on mainframe teams supporting major digital transformations at large organizations.

Compuware Session Two

New Environment for IMS Testing Needed?

Like COBOL, IMS is still used by many of the largest and most critically important companies in the world. Fortunately, mainframe systems, including IMS, have the ability to be incredibly fast and efficient, and they need to be for organizations to continuously improve the front-end innovations they deliver.

During this session, Compuware EMEA Solution Consultant Thomas Esser will explain why you need a new environment for IMS testing.

Virtualized IMS Testing with COPE

Creating and maintaining multiple IMS development and test systems can be a slow, expensive and technically daunting task. In today’s rapidly changing business conditions, companies are struggling to provide new IMS development environments for new initiatives in a timely manner.

Thomas will explain how Compuware COPE virtualizes IMS systems, enabling new development images of IMS to be available practically on demand, significantly reducing the time, costs and technical difficulties associated with creating completely new IMS subsystems.

Why It’s Worth Attending

Mainframe application development teams must deliver faster and more efficiently without sacrificing quality, but their culture, processes and tools don’t allow it. What’s more, organizations are only replacing one of every three retiring experts as mainframe workloads grow, and the people they’re hiring lack the knowledge and skills to write mainframe code with the same quality, velocity and efficiency as the experts.

Join us at IBM Systems Technical University to learn how you can solve these massive mainframe challenges with easy-to-use solutions that enable Agile and DevOps best practices to significantly reduce the learning curve for new developers, move changes through the delivery cycle faster and ensure quality, well-tested code is promoted into production.

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Thomas Esser and Ralph Nuesse

Thomas Esser is Compuware's IMS Specialist for EMEA, having specialized in IMS and IMS Tools for over 28 years. He is a regular presenter at GSE. Ralph Nuesse is a Compuware EMEA solution consultant. He has been supporting customers around Europe in implementing and using Compuware’s solutions effectively for almost 20 years.

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