Modern Mainframe Development and Testing


Advanced Modern Mainframe Development and Testing with Better Visibility and Knowledge

Mainframe applications remain highly relevant to an organization’s digital success: According to a Compuware-commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, 96% of new business initiatives involve the mainframe. But many companies face challenges with mainframe application development and delivery—even when attempting to modernize on the platform— often lacking agile tools to improve developers’ understanding of business rules and program logic.

Topaz is a comprehensive suite of mainframe development and testing tools designed to help developers, regardless of experience, understand and work on any program, no matter how old or complex, so companies can easily maintain and innovate with their mainframe investments.

The Topaz suite includes:

Topaz Workbench
An Eclipse-based IDE that provides the essentials of mainframe application development, testing and maintenance and a single, modern interface to Compuware’s developer productivity tools.

Topaz for Program Analysis
Provides an instant static visual summary of what a developer needs to know about a program or a dynamic visualization via Runtime Visualizer for a clear and accurate “snapshot” of a program’s real behavior in either production or test environments under runtime conditions.

Topaz for Enterprise Data
A single interface to visualize both mainframe and non-mainframe data in a common, intuitive manner, helping developers and data architects better manage both test and production data and meet the demands of digital business.

Topaz for Total Test
Automates the process of creating unit tests and test assertions and enables developers to automatically run “Java-like” unit tests to find low-level bugs in the smallest parts of applications with greater agility, speed and confidence.

Topaz on AWS
Topaz can be deployed either on premise or on Amazon Web Services (AWS). By leveraging AWS, Topaz can be deployed securely, more quickly and scale without additional capital costs—and developers can begin using innovative new features as soon as they are delivered.

Additional products include:

Topaz Connect
Connects ISPW Source Code Management to various leading ITSM solutions.
Also allows developers to access required CA Endevor functionality through Topaz Workbench.

Topaz for Java Performance
Tracks the performance of Java Batch programs and WebSphere transactions running on the mainframe and provides visibility into performance issues such as peak CPU usage, memory leaks, and blocked threads.

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