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Why ThruPut Manager Is the Real-time Cost-cutting Robot for You

In an always-online world, no one waits a month to check the performance impact of a major application change or an altered performance parameter. Systems programmers constantly monitor their systems, ensuring they detect negative impacts on all workloads to quickly remediate them.

And yet, with cost management and cost cutting now a critical part of the job, systems programmers still typically wait a month to discover the cost of the software products they use. If you’re using some version of IBM’s VWLC (variable workload licensing charges), you’ll get a report at the end of each month showing how your monthly software charges were calculated. Only then can you make changes to reduce your costs.

But making those changes imposes risks. If you constrain the capacity of your systems to reduce costs, you will likely impact performance. You could exploit tools that display the rolling four-hour average (R4HA) and tweak parameters and move workloads on a more regular basis, but who has the time? It’s not like you’re a robot.

I'm not a robot

You Are not a Robot

Imagine having a robot that is constantly assessing and making changes to optimize your costs, while taking into account your key performance metrics. You don’t want any of your online systems impacted by dynamic changes, but batch is more robust.

Compuware’s ThruPut Manager will constantly monitor every LPAR’s R4HA to your capacity target. When this limit is reached, it will defer or constrain lower importance workloads to ensure you don’t exceed your cost goals. When the demand lessens, the constrained or held workloads are released. ThruPut Manager simply makes it safer for you to use soft capping without risking performance problems while ensuring that you can manage costs effectively and with much less work on your part.

The feature that enables this is called Automated Capacity Management (ACM). With a little upfront effort, you can get the ACM “robot” to work 24×7 for you, eliminating a major challenge from your workload.

Here’s how in 10 easy steps:

  1. Make a copy of your policy.
  2. Enable ACM on the ThruPut Manager console.
  3. Define capacity limits if you don’t already have LPAR Defined Capacity and/or LPAR Group Limit.
  4. If you choose, you can change all but the highest default percentages at which the various capacity levels take effect.
  5. Define LPAR Sets:
  6. Define your CPCs in the ThruPut Manager AE Policy.
  7. For each CPC, define all LPARs that are running z/OS.
  8. For each CPC, define the LPAR Sets that you wish to create, selecting from the LPARs that you have defined for the CPC. Supply a name and a limit for each LPAR Set.
  9. Identify ACM Service Classes in your ThruPut Manager AE policy.
  10. Specify service class constraints and set the maximum number of constraints.
  11. Specify job selection constraints.
  12. Add JAL (ThruPut Manager’s language) to exempt certain jobs from the policies.
  13. Activate your policy.

Here’s an example of what it can look like, once you define the requirements to your system.

Compuware ThruPut Manager | ACM

Each step is clearly defined in the Automated Capacity Management Guide found under “Support” on the ThruPut Manager page. Get started today on employing a robot that won’t eliminate your job but will empower you to perform much more valuable, enjoyable work.

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