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This Is How You Develop Passionate Explorers for the Mainframe

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In a recent Town Hall, what we call Compuware’s biweekly all-hands meeting, CEO Chris O’Malley urged employees to look beyond what they perceive to be the limits of their current nine-to-fives and become passionate explorers—even if that warrants taking a leap of faith and moving into a new role within the company, even in another country.

In my case, I’ve been wanting to move to Asia Pacific for a long time. In fact, ever since I became a Global Subject Matter Expert for Compuware in 2008—today I’m an Account Consultant—I’ve been in love with the idea of moving to Hong Kong. So, when Compuware presented me with an opportunity to move to Bangalore, India—I know, not Hong Kong—I took it.

I’m now going to be Compuware’s new Technical Specialist for GSI Business Partners, and it’s my strong belief that this opportunity is the result of my being a passionate explorer, vocationally and in my personal life. I want to share with you what that means; but first, let’s talk about what’s happening in Bangalore.

Why Compuware Is Going to Bangalore

Midway through 2017, Compuware made an exciting announcement that it was partnering with Wipro to develop a Center of Excellence (CoE) that would enable Wipro to formulate best practices for achieving mainframe agility and cross-platform DevOps integration, as well as gain mastery of Compuware’s software.

The struggle to recruit, retain and train next-generation developers who are unfamiliar with or uninterested in the mainframe puts additional strain on the 64 percent of mainframe-equipped enterprises planning to run more than half their critical workloads on the mainframe by 2019, as a new Compuware-commissioned Forrester study found. At the same time, organizations are only replacing one out of every three mainframe experts they lose.

India is becoming a major point of mainframe knowledge as more mainframe experts in the U.S. and elsewhere retire. To prepare for this, our customers who are global systems integrators need guidance on transforming their mainframe environments to drive competitive advantage through the adoption of cross-platform Agile and DevOps best practices carried out with Compuware tools. The CoEs we establish will operate for that purpose.

Bringing Passion into the Mix

Thinking about Chris’s call for passionate explorers, the passion has always been there for me—in every role I’ve held at Compuware. I’m approaching this new role in very much the same way.

As redundant as it sounds, to have passions, you have to be passionate. You have to do your job with passion, you have to go above and beyond the best you can, you have to be excited. Having a passionate attitude reveals your passions—to you and others.

I believe when you hold yourself accountable to becoming a passionate explorer in your job—as opposed to deliberately doing the bare minimum, counting down the clock to punch-out time, being unengaged—doors will open for you, and not just professionally. You will have a greater chance of fulfilling your non-professional dreams, too.

I’ve always had a passion to work internationally, and that in and of itself is the foundation for what is driving me to take advantage of this opportunity in Bangalore. I’m able to make my dream of moving to Asia Pacific a reality because, over the past 27 years, I’ve built the necessary skills through various opportunities Compuware has given me based on the passion they’ve seen in me.

But it’s going to be tough. I’ll be exploring something entirely new in my professional and personal life. Knowing I’ll have the support of Compuware’s global team is a huge relief. And, ultimately, knowing I get to help our partners establish CoEs that will enable them to drive new passion for the mainframe is something I feel incredibly fortunate to do.

At Compuware, we’re always looking for passionate explorers to join our team. If that’s you, check out our current openings.

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Mike Bassett

Mike Bassett is Compuware's Technical Specialist for GSI Business Partners in India. He has served in various technical, development and customer-facing roles over his 27 years with Compuware.

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