Compuware’s partnership with SonarSource and integration with two key solutions—SonarLint and SonarQube—help large enterprises increase the value and quality of their mainframe applications.

Problems Solved

Mainframe applications remain critically important to large enterprises—but the supply of experienced COBOL developers is rapidly dwindling as mainframe veterans approach retirement age. Compuware and SonarSource are giving mainframe developers of all skill levels—even those new to the mainframe—the ability to rapidly test and deliver quality COBOL code.

How the Integrations Work

  • Automated on-the-fly QA. The Compuware Topaz Workbench—an intuitive Eclipse-based environment for mainframe source code editing, debugging and tuning—integrates with SonarLint, enabling the automatic discovery of defects introduced into COBOL code. Now, developers can rapidly deliver quality COBOL using automated on-the-fly QA as they work in a familiar Eclipse environment.
  • Data-rich dashboards. Managers need clear visibility into individual, team and project metrics as they seek to increase the agility of their mainframe environments and aggressively shift responsibility for COBOL development to programmers with little or no mainframe experience. Leveraging Jenkins for Continuous Integration and integrating Topaz Workbench with SonarQube—a popular dashboard for tracking defects, complexity and technical debt—these managers can more easily keep projects on schedule and address shortfalls in developer performance.
  • Code coverage. Unit test code coverage results captured by Topaz for Total Test can be automatically fed into SonarQube for analysis and reporting. Code coveragemetrics provide insight into which lines of code have or have not been executed, and what percentage of an application has or has not been tested, enabling IT teams to understand the scope and effectiveness of their testing as code is promoted towards production. Using SonarQube, DevOps teams can get an accurate view of code coverage as well as quality metrics and milestones across multiple platforms.
  • Continuous Code Quality. A Jenkins plugin automatically generates Topaz for Total Test unit test pass/fail results into a format SonarQube can display. SonarQube Quality Gates can also use Topaz for Total Test results to control processing of Continuous Integration and Deploy processes.
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