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Compuware-Jenkins integrations enable customers to accelerate the software development process through orchestration and automation.

Problems Solved

Despite the crucial importance of mainframe applications and data, the mainframe has almost universally been excluded from DevOps/Continuous Delivery toolchains. This exclusion has severely hampered enterprise agility—especially when IT organizations are limited to just a small handful of mainframe code drops annually.

Jenkins integrates with multiple Compuware solutions, enabling enterprises to build their own cross-platform DevOps toolchains for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.

Build-Deploy-Test: Complete DevOps Automation with Jenkins

  • Developers can validate data quality throughout the DevOps lifecycle through integrations with Topaz, Jenkins and SonarSource.
  • After a piece of code is edited and compiled within Topaz Workbench and ISPW, Jenkins automates the promotion of the code into a staging area within ISPW for testing.
  • A Jenkins plugin simplifies the configuration and set up of a Topaz for Total Test unit test, making it easy to add unit tests into an existing Jenkins pipeline.
  • After a unit test executes, pass/fail test results are published in Jenkins and SonarSource’s SonarQube—a popular dashboard for tracking code quality metrics and technical debt—enabling IT teams to quickly understand test results and compare them to broader cross-platform quality trends and metrics.
  • Test metrics can be used in SonarSource Quality Gates to determine whether to proceed with a workflow or stop and fix the code before continuing. In the event of a failure, code can be automatically regressed back down into a development environment in ISPW where it can be fixed.
  • When code is ready to be deployed, XebiaLabs XL Release can be used to orchestrate cross-platform the deployment of mainframe and distributed assets.