DevOps Lifecycle – Test

Use Topaz for Enterprise Data to analyze test data needs and improve data quality

  • Data relationship visualizations aid discovery of necessary data for testing applications
  • Use data relationship visualizations to understand what data to incorporate into test data

Use Topaz for Enterprise Data to identify and protect sensitive data

  • Define privacy rules, run extract specifications with rules applied and create masked test data
  • Apply privacy rules for data in z/OS files, Db2 tables, IMS segments and distributed databases and files

Topaz for Program Analysis integrates with Jenkins for Continuous Integration and SonarQube for quality management

  • Speed application delivery while meeting quality standards
  • Enhance static analysis by automatically refreshing project source via Jenkins from Compuware ISPW,
    PDS and Endevor®
  • Get holistic view of how code base is evolving to understand quality trends and progression over time
  • Flag issues and verify integrated code
  • SonarQube dashboards provide visibility into individual, team and project metrics
  • View summary of issues and hotspots across departments or technologies

Automate COBOL unit testing

  • Topaz for Total Test uses data collected from Xpediter to automatically generate unit tests
  • Automatically generate data stubs to simplify testing (available for Db2 databases as well as VSAM and QSAM data files)
  • Accelerate large COBOL program testing by using program stubs in place of calls to actual subprograms
  • Test individual COBOL sub-programs or stored procedures without calling main COBOL program
  • Set up test assertions to compare expected unit test results to actual results
Lifecycle Step | Topaz For Total Test and Topaz Workbench

Leverage Jenkins and SonarQube in the unit testing process

  • Topaz for Total Test integrates with Jenkins and SonarQube as part of a cross-platform DevOps toolchain
  • Automatically feed code coverage results collected by Topaz for Total Test into SonarQube, enabling IT teams to track and validate test coverage as well as glean insight into coding errors and vulnerabilities
  • Topaz for Total Test pass/fail results can be published in Jenkins and/or SonarQube for code quality analysis
  • Test metrics can be used in SonarQube Quality Gates to determine whether to proceed with a workflow or stop and fix code before continuing
SonarCube Dashboard

Generate virtualized testing environments for IMS applications with  COPE

  • Test IMS applications in standalone sandboxes and/or unique integration testing environments
  • Change set of required parameters, which are then copied and compiled by COPE to create virtual IMS environments for development and testing stages
  • Virtualize single IMS subsystem with multiple versions of given application for integration testing
  • Maintain usual testing methodology and access additional isolated testing environments without significant costs