DevOps Lifecycle – Analyze

 Use ISPW for Agile source code management (SCM), parallel development and impact analysis

  • Impact Analysis shows how code changes will impact mainframe environments
  • Life Cycle chart shows multiple versions of code in flight for better DevOps collaboration
  • Containers track key project components—code, documentation, JCL, etc.—as logical unit to advance together throughout lifecycle
ISPW, DevOps Lifecycle Analyzer

Use Topaz for Program Analysis to easily maintain complex, unfamiliar or poorly documented programs

  • On-demand runtime visualizations show program call order as well as file and database I/O
  • Save, replay and compare visualizations
  • Does not require source code
  • Access deep-dive analytical information when editing programs
  • Dynamically generated program structure chart visualizes logic within COBOL programs or PL/1 PROC
  • Data flow diagram shows how information flows through variables within programs, enabling data quality improvement