DevOps Lifecycle Overview

Mainframe DevOps

If your DevOps ecosystem doesn’t already include your mainframe, it should. Mainframes aren’t going away; in fact, workloads are increasing. Meanwhile, enterprises are only replacing about 1/3 of the skilled staff they lose through retirement and attrition.

Given these trends, mainframe DevOps is a necessary investment in modern methods and tools that enable your enterprise to accelerate application development and delivery—so you can stay ahead of market disruptors.

Find out what each part of the DevOps lifecycle means for your mainframe-powered organization.

Building a DevOps Toolchain

Compuware’s modern mainframe DevOps solutions integrate with each other and with an expanding  array of cross-platform partner tools, empowering developers of every stripe to perform and improve the processes necessary to fulfill each phase of the DevOps lifecycle.

Delve into Mainframe DevOps

DevOps Transition Workshop

Compuware’s DevOps Transition Workshop is for customers who want to learn more about modernizing mainframe software delivery with DevOps. Learn more about this free on-site service that will help you develop a pragmatic approach to adopting DevOps practices for the mainframe that build on initiatives and capabilities already in place at your organization.