Agile Source Code Management, Release Automation and Deployment Automation

Compuware ISPW enables developers to quickly and safely build, test and deploy mainframe code. With ISPW, developers can:

  • Manage the entire lifecycle of a mainframe application, from building code to deploying code all the way to production
  • Easily perform concurrent development to support Agile Development practices
  • Use REST APIs to automatically connect mainframe applications into modern DevOps toolchains
  • Collaborate with other developers through features like alerts when another programmer has checked out code
  • See versions of a program at multiple points in the development cycle to prevent incorrect overlaying and ensure smooth code integration
  • Access an intuitive relationship visualization that guides users to failure points

The Value of ISPW

  • Improves developer productivity by enabling mainframe DevOps
  • Eliminates manual steps and helps staff iterate quickly through the development, test and QA cycles
  • Integrates with Compuware Topaz Workbench for a modern suite of application development and application testing tools
  • Integrates with leading IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions like BMC, ServiceNow and Tivoli via Topaz Connect
  • Allows DevOps practitioners to build mainframe-inclusive DevOps toolchains

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Key Features of ISPW

Agile Source Code Management

Enterprise-wide Parallel Development

ISPW’s multiple development areas enable concurrent development common with Agile two-week sprints. The Life Cycle chart shows multiple versions of code in flight for better collaboration. End-to-end tracking shows every action that affects code running at any level, including production. Users are provided with an audit trail of all activities throughout the development lifecycle.

Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis lets developers see how a potential code change can impact the rest of the mainframe environment.

Side-by-side Compare

Side-by-side Compare provides the ability to quickly compare versions of code to spot changes and easily merge them.

ISPW SCM Key Image

Integration Couples Test Assets with Source Code

ISPW can contain test assets from Topaz for Total Test along with code changes, enabling developers to deploy software components into test environments while leveraging DevOps tools like Jenkins to access Topaz for Total Test assets for automated unit testing. Pairing test assets with source code optimizes workflow and promotes faster feedback on problems introduced in the software.

Mobile Management

ISPW’s mobile interface eliminates delays by enabling managers to respond to alerts anywhere, anytime code changes are ready for approval.

Mobile device

Release Automation

REST APIs Automate Processes Across Multi-platform Enterprises

ISPW’s REST APIs enable you to:

  • Create, promote, regress, deploy and check the status of code releases using popular tools like Jenkins and XebiaLabs XL Release
  • Gain visibility into mainframe activity so any programmer can run and monitor a deploy
  • Achieve Continuous Delivery in multi-platform enterprise environments

Webhook Notification

Webhooks enable you to:

  • Communicate information about ISPW activities such as generate, promote, regress, deploy and rollback to other DevOps tools in real time
  • Integrate ISPW with other deployment tools
  • Drive Continuous Integration processes using Jenkins
  • Send instant notifications about DevOps activities to Slack and Hipchat as they happen

Webhooks can be triggered whether developers or operators use Topaz, 3270 or REST APIs

Deployment Automation

ISPW Deploy Web Interface

ISPW Deploy’s web interface allows you to view the status of all deploy requests and the environments into which code was deployed.

5 ISPW Web Deploy

Cross-platform Deployment with XebiaLabs XL Release

ISPW Deploy integrates with XebiaLabs XL Release to automate, standardize and monitor code deployments across multiple platforms into multiple target environments. The integration lets you view and manage deployments in one place and monitor their statuses across teams and environments with detailed analytics on release flow.

ISPW Release Flow

Easy Full or Partial Rollback

ISPW Deploy allows you to rollback some or all code changes at once and replace the current production program with a valid previous program version. Production source is synchronized with rollback so versions always match.