Automated Regression Testing



Improve Application Quality with Automated Functional Testing

Hiperstation provides automated functional testing capabilities that help DevOps teams reduce time-consuming, manual steps and ensure mainframe applications are thoroughly tested to safeguard superior performance and reliability.

Hiperstation enables developers to:

  • Create automated, consistent, repeatable regression and performance tests representing application business requirements
  • Conduct pre-production performance testing for applications and systems software
  • Analyze test results in which all application response differences are identified
  • Thoroughly document mainframe application testing results
  • Simulate server application responses during a user interface test
  • Test changes to the operating system, language environment or subsystems
  • Test application changes without the user interface

The Value of Hiperstation

  • Reduces the expense and time of application functional testing
  • Enhances developer productivity during mainframe application development
  • Increases mainframe application performance management
  • Helps developers focus on mainframe development activities
  • Expedites defect resolution process

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Key Features of Hiperstation

Record Application Activity
Records actual application activity and captures data streams on test or production systems flowing through the mainframe, including from other platforms

Replay Application Activity
Simulates client requests and provides limited support for testing the distributed front-end

Report Application Activity
Helps organize recorded application activity into useful reports that highlight key trends, events and results

Repeatable Testing
Creates automatable scripted tests that replay functions in unattended mode, allowing you to perform more test iterations in less time

Complete and Flexible Quality Assurance Testing

  • Test mainframe applications and back-office server components of web-based and distributed applications using TCP/IP and APPC protocols, or using WebSphere MQ
  • Test any mainframe green screen application, including those running in CICS, IMS/DC, IDMS/DC or TSO

View Application Performance Statistics
Integration with Compuware Strobe performance statistics provide visibility into the actual performance of the application being tested to ensure it meets specific performance criteria for production