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Changez la manière dont les Développeurs Développent

The vast majority of new business initiatives involve the mainframe: 57% always and 39% sometimes, according to a recent study. Are your DevOps teams and your mainframe prepared to face this increasing digital activity and deliver quality results faster?

Compuware’s Agile/DevOps solutions are changing the way developers develop by helping experienced staff and new hires perform mainframe-related tasks with agility, efficiency and precision. And integrations with popular mainstream tools allow mainframe and non-mainframe teams to collaborate across platforms.

Compuware gives your DevOps teams the power to: efficiently control source code, work on any application even if poorly documented and eliminate performance bottlenecks.

Comment Compuware peut vous aider

Analyse d’application

Improve developer productivity by enabling next-gen mainframers to understand complex, unfamiliar and poorly documented programs using on-demand runtime visualizations.

Debugging Application

Everything needed to improve application understanding and improve code quality with a debugger should be available on a single, easy-to-understand interface.

Application Performance

Departments can reduce hardware and software costs by monitoring and analyzing application performance to pinpoint inefficiencies causing excessive CPU consumption.

Code de qualité

Improve code quality by leveraging immediate feedback determined by the way code performs according to standards throughout the mainframe application development cycle.

Gestion de données

Make sure your enterprise is using reliable, realistic test data before launching new or updated programs into production, while simultaneously improving data security.

Cycle de vie du développement des applications

Using tools designed to leverage the DevOps lifecycle, you can speed up application development and delivery and forge a path towards mainframe agility.

Productivité Developer

Take steps to improve mainframe developer productivity by supplying next-gen developers with a modernized culture, more intuitive processes and familiar tools.

Technologie de Virtualisation IMS

Deployez rapidement de multiples environnements IMS virtuels tout en réduisant les coûts, les ressources et les problèmes techniques associés au deploiement et test des systèmes IMS sans avoir à créer de nouvelles instances.

Mainframe Modernisation

Introduce modernized development tools to your mainframe environment and take the first steps toward bringing your critical applications and data into Agile/DevOps processes.

SCM and Release Automation

Fulfill business requirements, optimize code quality and improve developer productivity with Agile source code management, release automation and deployment.

Test Data Privacy

Strengthen data privacy, prevent breaches and improve management practices that protect sensitive data in environments at risk of accidental or deliberate abuse of test data.

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