Did You Know? Webcast Series

Did You Know? Webcast Series

Learn More About Your Compuware Tools

How much do you know about your Compuware tools? Probably a lot, but there’s always room to learn more. Especially when we’re continuously delivering enhancements and new Agile DevOps functionality to our product suite to help you become more productive and efficient.

To help you stay aware of what modern features are available in your Compuware products, we started a new webcast series called “Did You Know?” Each month, our product experts from the field will break down the Compuware products they know best, revealing some of the most beneficial components, best practices and design aspects you should be taking advantage in the tools you use.

On-demand Webcasts

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Compuware Sr. Solution Engineer Ed Gannaway and Account Consultant Ward Matthews share tips and tricks for using Compuware Xpediter within Topaz Workbench.

Highlights include:

  • Setup an Xpediter test session in Topaz
  • Execute several “right-click” Xpediter commands in Topaz
  • Leverage Topaz to remember breakpoints and watch variables
  • Use Xpediter’s record and playback capabilities to resolve abends and shorten test cycles
  • Perform program analysis tasks with Xpediter and Topaz, including: Runtime Visualizer; navigating code with outline view; logic flow and data flow
  • Take advantage of Abend-AID diagnosis information with one click
  • Use Xpediter Code Coverage to confirm all new or modified code has been tested

The first in a monthly webcast series where we reveal everyday “Aha!” moments about Compuware products to help make your day easier.

In the second installment of our monthly Compuware “Did You Know?” webcast series, Compuware Field Technical Solutions Consultant Ed Gannaway and Western Region Account Consultant Scott Smith discuss the evolution of Compuware’s Source Support. They begin with the original classic DDIO manner of providing Source Support in Compuware solutions, migrating through the next phase, which is to leverage Source Shared Directories, up to the most recent, Embedded Source Support. Transparent and easy to implement, Embedded Source Support:

In the third webcast of our monthly Compuware “Did You Know?” series, Compuware Field Technical Solutions Consultant Robin Fuller and Product Manager Kevin Corbett highlight the top 10 coolest features of File-AID’s Eclipse interface.

Account Consultant Bill Clayton, Solution Consultant Greg Lackey and Product Manager Irene Ford share tips and tricks for using the Compuware Test Data Privacy solution to create and secure realistic high quality test data.

Highlights include:

  • Simple data obfuscation
  • Test data cleansing, masking and validation
  • What differentiates Compuware from our competitors
  • Dynamic obfuscation
  • Modernized GUI with role based security and centralized controls
  • Consistent test data privacy for mainframe and distributed applications

Product Manager John Crossno and Account Consultant Mike Bassett highlight tips and tricks for using Compuware Application Audit to help your Information Security auditors detect and report on potential insider threats and maintain regulatory compliance.

Learn how Application Audit can:

  • Detect and report on potential insider threats
  • Deepen analysis of mainframe intelligence
  • Maintain compliance with regulations
  • Independently determine which users and applications to monitor for malicious behavior