Automated Batch Processing

Automated Batch Processing

Transform the Art of Automated Batch Processing and Management into a Science

Batch processing accounts for most peak mainframe workloads at large enterprises, providing essential back-end digital capabilities for mobile, cloud and web applications. As demands on these back-end mainframe batch processes intensify in terms of scale and performance, the pressure to ensure compliance with SLAs and control costs increases.

Further, the responsibility for batch processing management is rapidly shifting from platform veterans to millennials with less experience, putting enterprises at risk of critical operations failing, being delayed or generating excessive costs.

To solve these issues, Compuware’s Automated Batch Processing solution leverages the strengths of ThruPut Manager to automatically and intelligently optimize the processing of batch jobs, transforming the art of batch processing management developed over decades into a manageable science.

Enable Next-generation Systems Programmers

Compuware’s Automated Batch Processing solution solves the systems programming workforce-transition challenge many companies face by making it easy for less-experienced personnel to understand and solve batch job issues. ThruPut Manager provides immediate, intuitive insight into batch processing, preventing delays in issue resolution that cause batch jobs to run longer and impact the quality of customer-facing, front-end applications.

Automate Batch Cycles

Systems programmers can use ThruPut Manager’s well-defined set of rules to automate batch cycles. After analyzing and prioritizing jobs, ThruPut Manager submits the highest priority jobs first to ensure they finish on time, reducing resources and the Rolling 4-hour Average (R4HA).

Maintain Available ‘White Space’

With Automated Batch Processing, less operator intervention is required as ThruPut Manager automatically spreads out the workload creating more white space. Unlike Workload Manager (WLM), which over-initiates jobs and allows too many onto the system, ThruPut Manager’s initiators are more intelligent and run the same or more jobs in a shorter time with less initiators then WLM.

Flatten the R4HA Curve

Automated Batch Processing with ThruPut Manager flattens the R4HA curve and prevents it from exceeding the soft cap, helping shops avoid paying more for the additional consumption of MSUs. ThruPut Manager also correctly determines the R4HA for Country Multiplex Pricing customers and constrains the batch workload accordingly.

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