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Application Audit

Strengthen Mainframe Cybersecurity and Compliance with Rich User Behavior Intelligence

Application Audit, Compuware’s mainframe cybersecurity and compliance solution, enables enterprises to capture all relevant data about user access and behavior on the mainframe to mitigate cybersecurity risks and fulfill compliance mandates.

Using Application Audit, security staff can:

  • Deter insider threats by capturing and analyzing start-to-finish user session activity
  • Integrate user behavior intelligence with popular SIEM engines to analyze the overall application environment
  • Support criminal/legal investigations with complete and credible forensics
  • Fulfill compliance mandates regarding protection of sensitive data

The Value of Application Audit

  • Provides deep insight into user behavior including data viewed, by whom and which applications were used to access it
  • Enables immediate analysis through the automatic delivery of data to SIEM platforms such as Splunk® and QRadar®, either directly or in combination with CorreLog® zDefenderTM for z/OS or Syncsort Ironstream®
  • Delivers granular intelligence and reporting capabilities needed to comply with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, the Australian NDB scheme, as well as company security policies
  • Eliminates dependency on specialized mainframe knowledge
  • Separates the system administrator’s duties from mainframe-inexperienced auditor’s responsibilities with a web UI, so that no single person is in a position to engage in malicious activities without detection
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Key Features of Application Audit

Easily Create Recording Requests

Application Audit’s intuitive web interface makes it easy for security personnel with no mainframe experience to set session recording parameters, enable the data to be delivered to SIEM systems and review recording activities.

Leverage SIEM Integrations for Comprehensive Intelligence

Through collaboration with CorreLog, Syncsort and Splunk, Compuware enables enterprise customers to integrate Application Audit’s mainframe intelligence with popular SIEM engines such as Splunk, IBM QRadar and HPE Security ArcSightTM ESM.

Out-of-the-box Splunk Dashboard

Application Audit provides an out-of-the-box Splunk-based dashboard to view a multitude of statistics around user behavior including users by LPAR; users by session duration; users with invalid transactions; transactions not recognized by LPAR; and more.

“Effective IT management requires effective monitoring of what is happening for security, cost reduction, capacity planning, service level agreements, compliance and other purposes. This is a major need in an environment where security, technology, budget and regulatory pressures continue to escalate. I welcome a product that provides us a straightforward, comprehensive basis for such monitoring”

— Stu Henderson, Founder and President of the Henderson Group