API Integrations




APIs Automate Processes Across Multi-Platform Enterprises

  • Large enterprises need to bring Agile/DevOps best practices to their mainframe environments—and integrate their new streamlined mainframe DevOps workflows with DevOps activities across their other platforms.
  • REST APIs for ISPW enable users to create, promote, deploy and check the status of code releases using popular Agile/DevOps tools including Slack and HipChat with Webhook notification, Jenkins, and XebiaLabs XL Release.
  • APIs allow visibility into what is occurring on the mainframe so even non-mainframe programmers can run and monitor a deploy without having to have specialized knowledge about mainframe technologies.
  • These integrations are important for DevOps teams seeking to achieve Continuous Delivery in multi-platform enterprise environments because they automate and streamline processes and eliminate time lags caused by manual steps and hand-offs between groups.

We currently have tutorials for integrating ISPW with HipChat or Slack. More tutorials will be added as they become available.

Integrating ISPW with HipChat or Slack

Why – By integrating ISPW with HipChat or Slack, notifications related to the success (or hopefully less likely, failure) of a code promotion or deployment are at your fingertips on any device you use to keep in touch with your team.

Concept – We will kick off our code promotion using the ISPW Web API. As part of this HTTP POST to CES, we will send information about our HipChat / Slack and the content we want posted. When ISPW recognizes that the code promotion completed or failed it will notify CES, who will in turn notify HipChat / Slack, using their custom integration.

Integration – To integrate ISPW with HipChat or Slack requires four steps:

  1. Add a custom integration to your HipChat or Slack instance
  2. Decide on a format for your message
  3. Build the API call
  4. Put it all together

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