Machine Learning for DevOps

Continuously Improve Development Quality, Velocity and Efficiency

zAdviser uses machine learning to find correlations between developer behaviors and key performance indicators (KPIs) based on DevOps toolchain data and Compuware product-usage data. zAdviser is a free service for Compuware customers on current maintenance.

Today, 57 percent of firms run more than half their mission-critical applications on the mainframe, and 72 percent of organizations say their customer-facing applications are completely or very reliant on mainframe processing, according to research published in a 2018 Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Compuware. But mainframe teams are still grappling with diminishing expertise, having only replaced 37 percent of their lost mainframe workforce over the past five years.

As organizations work to accelerate mainframe application development and delivery to accommodate for growing workloads with a smaller, less-experienced staff, they need a way to continuously measure and improve mainframe DevOps processes and development outcomes. A program of KPIs is necessary for accomplishing this.

The Value of zAdviser

  • Leverage machine learning to show how patterns of behavior can help improve development processes over time
  • Employ advanced analytics to drive efforts toward improving developer speed and quality as you transition to an agile delivery model
  • Use a program of KPIs to measure quality, velocity and efficiency over time and make evidence-based decisions
  • Continuously improve development from proven best practices based on data trends
  • See what tools your developers are or aren’t using and their patterns of use
  • Pinpoint engagement opportunities and tactics to improve development capabilities
  • Bridge the skills gap between novice and expert mainframe developers

Evolution to DevOps KPIs

zAdviser KPIs measure development quality, velocity and efficiency at the individual, team and organizational level. These measurements provide evidence towards continuous improvement and are key to charting a DevOps journey. The KPIs were developed based on extensive research with customers and align with those published in the 2018 Forrester report “Use Four Key Categories to Measure What Matters in Continuous Deployment.”

zAdviser is the next evolution of Compuware’s previous offering, the Value Improvement Program (VIP), which focused on product usage collection, allowing you to qualify, quantify and increase the value derived from Compuware products.

The zAdviser Process

zAdviser is a collaborative service: Compuware customers feed zAdviser their DevOps data and Compuware product-usage data on a regular basis, and as more customers share more data, the zAdviser’s machine-learning model improves, providing evidence of what development actions produce the best outcomes in quality, velocity and efficiency. Customers will then have access to their data and results on a 24/7 basis to help them improve productivity.

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Dashboards Display DevOps Progress

Intuitive dashboards in zAdviser provide a visual representation of the development quality, velocity and efficiency being measured. The dashboards provide instant visibility into how developer behaviors impact business outcomes, allowing organizations to view and query the detailed data to make adjustments as necessary. zAdviser users can access their data in these dashboards through a web browser, allowing them to see static and dynamic reports anywhere, anytime.