Integrate Your Mainframe in Your Enterprise DevOps with Compuware

Over the past few decades the mainframe has been pigeonholed into its own “untouchable” silo within IT, due mainly to its insular culture as well as its tools, processes and skill sets. Simultaneously, retiring mainframe veterans are passing the stewardship of invaluable mainframe code and applications to a new generation of developers who are highly-skilled, multi-language programmers but want nothing to do with the mainframe. But in today’s quick, ever-changing digital economy, businesses cannot rely on siloed, antiquated processes nor can they extensively train mainframe-inexperienced developers and expect to keep pace. To stay competitive, organizations must incorporate mainframe applications into their mainstream cross-platform Agile/DevOps processes by providing non-mainframe developers with tools that look and feel like the ones used in distributed environments so that mainframe development is different only in syntax.

See how Compuware can help your organization accomplish this.

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