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Mainframe Security in a Hybrid/Mobile World

This paper presents six straightforward, non-disruptive measures to help organizations address insider threats on the mainframe.

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June 9, 2017

ThruPut Manager and Soft Capping

This paper introduces IBM’s Sub-Capacity Pricing, hard and soft capping, and the Rolling Four-Hour average (R4HA), as well as an overview of the Automated Capacity Management feature of ThruPut Manager, which can automatically defer or constrain low priority batch to lower the monthly peak R4HA and result in significant software savings.

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May 12, 2017

ThruPut Manager and Production Batch

This paper explores how ThruPut Manager automation improves your batch environment and addresses issues particular to z/OS production batch, regardless of which job scheduler you use. Key to the automation of batch workload are ThruPut Manager dynamic initiators.

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ThruPut Manager and Data Center Savings

ThruPut Manager is an unprecedented z/OS JES2 batch workload automation solution. This overview discusses three ways ThruPut Manager automation can positively impact the datacenter’s budget this year and each year hereafter—MLC reduction, deferral of hardware upgrades, and ISV software license savings.

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Ten Steps to True Mainframe Agility

To remain competitive in an app-centric economy, mainframes must be as adaptive as other platforms, and enterprise IT must be able to manage DevOps in an
integrated manner across mainframe, distributed and cloud. This white paper lays out a plan for doing exactly that.

This paper is available in English, French and Spanish.

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February 8, 2017

Unprepared for GDPR?

A 2016 independent survey of CIOs at large companies across the globe found that two-thirds of enterprises risk failure to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Download the report.

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September 13, 2016

Mainframe-inclusive DevOps Toolchains

Mainframe SCM tools that “hold code hostage” are unacceptable in today’s Agile workplace. Learn about Compuware’s agile mainframe solution.

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July 15, 2016

Technology Economics of Mainframe – III

The third part of the Technology Economics of the Mainframe series explores the forces driving technology intensity on the basis of new metrics that provide fresh insights with a specific focus on the economics of various platforms and architectures. 

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March 15, 2016

Technology Economics of Mainframe – II

An update to the 2011 Rubin Worldwide study that delves further into the economics of the mainframe, including product and transaction level impacts.

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Technology Economics of Mainframe – I

Rubin Worldwide’s first analysis of the relevance of Mainframe in the context of its contribution to business performance.


Mainstreaming the Mainframe

“Mainstreaming the Mainframe: Why Enterprise DevOps Should Take Control of Legacy Applications-Now” Unique, fact-based and actionable information and advice for incorporating the mainframe into enterprise DevOps.

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February 22, 2016

Capitalizing on the z13 for Competitive Advantage

The key to capturing the maximum value from the z13 lies in how organizations plan, design, configure, and optimize their systems and software for everything from COBOL and Java to process parallelization and analytics.

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January 28, 2016

Mainframe Excellence 2025: A Generational Call for Strategic Platform Stewardship

A straightforward six-point plan of action to help you get the maximum business value from your mainframe over the next 10 to 15 years – and beyond.

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January 25, 2016

“The New World of Mainframes” CIO Survey: Mapping the Platform’s Future in a Mobile, Big Data World

A profound disconnect was found between the importance of the mainframe and the actions CIOs are taking to protect their investments. Mainframe investments must be prioritized to maximize IT value and mitigate the risk of the generational IT staffing shift.

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Mainframe: Driver of Digital Transformation Success

Mainframes are the workhorse of core transaction processing within many industries. Often the technology in these systems is modern or cutting edge. Trying to achieve the benefits of digital transformation without dealing with existing mainframe assets is a fool’s errand. Mainframe tools like Topaz are essential for addressing these transformation challenges.

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Protecting Your Most Important Asset: Information

Globally, governments have taken the issue of exposing personal information seriously and are implementing new laws to require the adoption of a comprehensive approach to data protection. Those not in regulation face stiff fines. Are you prepared? Learn about the implications of the new EU legislation and how to make sure your business is compliant.

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The Business and IT Advantages of Optimized Test Data

Optimized test data shortens development and test cycles, reduces costs and ensures data security.

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MIPS Management Best Practices

Learn the keys steps for improving application performance and lowering cost by managing MIPS

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