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Cambiare il Modo in cui gli Sviluppatori Sviluppano

The vast majority of new business initiatives involve the mainframe: 57% always and 39% sometimes, according to a recent study. Are your DevOps teams and your mainframe prepared to face this increasing digital activity and deliver quality results faster?

Compuware’s Agile/DevOps solutions are changing the way developers develop by helping experienced staff and new hires perform mainframe-related tasks with agility, efficiency and precision. And integrations with popular mainstream tools allow mainframe and non-mainframe teams to collaborate across platforms.

Compuware gives your DevOps teams the power to: efficiently control source code, work on any application even if poorly documented and eliminate performance bottlenecks.

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Compuware organizza eventi in Italia per aiutare i clienti ad ottenere il massimo valore dalle soluzioni utilizzate. Controlla questa sezione per controllare la disponibilità di eventi durante l’anno.


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